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lisa d. colvin

Making the relationship to sets is really important as the logic of many complex ontology systems is based on first-order predicate calculus which is set theory. Given that, all the relationships can be built off of mathematically primitives like "associativity" and "transitivity". So it is possibly a paradigm shift from OO modelling. This is an interesting area (mapping OO modelling concepts to ontology concepts) as the need for more formal ontologies increases throughout the business world.

Dave McComb

Alex, Yeah, I agree, we do need to think of a web of definitions. (maybe I'll add that to one of my future koans). OWL/DL is not the last word in defintions, but it is a pretty good start, and adds a lot to our systems that are missing now. Just the ability to define class membership based on a property its value is a huge advantage.

Alex Shkotin

Let me make one more koan:
Classes are really concepts.
And the most important skill in semantic web area is a skill of definition.
And what we need at first are well defined concepts in many areas - as well as properties and relationships;)
are OWL or DL good and strong enough to be a language of definitions?

Dave McComb

We have partnered with Cerebra (an inference engine software company) to build and deliver the courses in Cerebra University. Two weeks ago we piloted the first two courses: OWL/DL and Advanced Ontology Engineering. They were very well received. We are having the first public offerring of these classes the week of February 27th, and I believe there are still some seats available (www.cerebra.com/university).

I have about a half dozen other observations of things that came up in class that I will be sharing in the blog over the next several weeks.

David Allen

It would be interesting to hear more about this ontology modeling class. What are the most typical errors people make when putting together new knowledge representations, and where do they most frequently run into problems actually plugging them into systems?

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